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Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada
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Mar 18, 2007
sean one "full of it" release party april 14th halifax @ the seahorse!
Mar 18, 2007
Full of it(feat-josh martinez,moves and cee!!!!!!!!, jorun,bonshah...etc) to be released early april!
RECORDS: I live in new brunswick (1999), I can't believe its not butter (2001), first words (2004), Jorun/ Sean One 7" vinyl (2005), Full of it (2007)
LINKS: deadbeats (record label
Sean One
“It’s Shiggy Sean One Making Everybody Notice This?

A pillar of the province’s Hip-Hop scene, Sean One (aka Sean McInerny) is not your average rapper. While most MCs spend years just perfecting their flow, Sean One’s developed both lyrically and has the musical mind to produce some of hottest beats around. For Sean One, hip-hop isn’t a hobby - it’s a habit.
Sean One started rapping with Saint John’s Vet Cru back in 1997, with Above, Microphone Jones, J-Below and phillintheblank. The group rocked many a live show, and caught the attention of Jorun, a well-respected veteran of the Halifax scene. Though the crew recorded with Jorun’s guidance, their material was never released. Sean One did however appear on Joruns Compilation Breakfluid. Sean One eventually went solo and released two albums of his own - I Live in New Brunswick (2002) and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter (2003). Sean’s song “I’ve Got Friends That Rap Well? appeared on a Vancouver-based WeStainPorcelain compilation as well as being picked to appear on the national campus compilation Dig Your Roots.
Eager to reunite with a group of like-minded artists, Sean One hooked up with long-time padre Above, Jorun and Fredericton native DJ STV to form the group First Words. The foursome put out their first (self-titled) full-length album in 2004 - to rave reviews. DJ Loc Dog (of CHSR FM) called it “the best thing to come out of Maritime Hip-Hop.? It took the number one spot on HipHop Top 10’s across the country in October 2004, spending 4 weeks on the national Chart Attacks top 10!
Sean One is constantly collaborating with other Hip-Hoppers. This past summer, he dropped the Jorun’s Way/Sean One’s Way 7? vinyl with his musical mentor. The record received national attention (it was given a favourable review by Thomas Quinlan in Exclaim! Magazine, and was spun on college radio stations from coast to coast). Sean’s track “If I Wasn’t So Lazy? was described by Thomas Quinlan(exclaim Magazine)as the “clincher? track. DJ Neoteric of Vancouver’s Futility Records says, “Slick production and dope rhymes prove Sean One is anything but lazy when it comes to rap."
As an emcee, this cat masters the mic at most of the local scene’s Hip-Hop happenings; he’s been around. Either solo or as a part of First Words, Sean One has shared the spotlight with Styles of Beyond(Ill Boogie), Classified(Urbnet), Pip Skid and John Smith (Peanuts and Corn), Kamau, Skratch Bastid(Scribble Jam Champion), The New Deal, Universal Soul(Muchmusic video nominees), Grand Theft Bus, and The Goods(Camobear). He’s earned praise from audiences and reviewers alike…for his live energy and his penchant for crowd participation.
As of late, Sean One has found new focus in his musical career…he’s spending as much time on instrumental production as he is on his rhymes. Sean has been busy building beats for himself and many local artists. He’s also been experimenting with a new project combining rap vocals and live musicianship.
In the New Year, Sean will release his latest effort, Full Of It, with Deadbeats Entertainment. It’s a purely Sean One production; he also lays down raps on a lot of the tracks. The album features a bevy of well-respected rappers and DJs, including Flexxman, Fax 4, Josh Martinez, Jorun, and DJ Moves.
Sean’s worked with established artists and labels from across the country…Jay Bizzy (Urbnet), Josh Martinez (Camobear Records), Phakt (CTG), and Microphone Jones (CTG) just to name a few. His music and his dedication to it have earned him much respect within the industry. With a 2006 ECMA nomination for best hip hop song. There’s no doubt artists and insiders will continue to seek out his talents.
With such well-rounded talent, this Hip-Hop rapper/DJ/producer can’t help but stand out from the monotones that define rap today.