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Big Leagues and Media Works Battle of Bands Dartmouth NS June 8 to July 20

By Administrator

Chance to win:

1st Prize A professional high definition music video,shot by Media Works StudioEast Inc

2nd Prize A professionally recorded demo CD supplied by Media Works.

3rd Prize 2 paid gigs on upcoming Saturday nights at Big Leagues.

This contest will take place at the Beverage Room, Big Leagues Bar & Grill, 4 Forest Hills Parkway, Dartmouth, NS from Friday June 8th, to Friday July 20th.

The contest will include 3 performances every Friday during the event. Each entrant (band) will be given 30 minutes to showcase their talent. The event will be judged nightly, and one band per night will move on to the semi finals to be held on Friday July 13th. The top three bands will move on to the final on Friday June 20th, and those bands will be required to play a full set. The set may include covers and/or originals.

Judging will include 2 separate sections:

1. All customers in house that evening will receive ballots upon entry to Big Leagues. These ballots will have the names of the participating bands that evening, and upon completion of the final band, the guests will be asked to fill out their ballot and deposit it in the ballot box located with the judges. The band with the most ballots in their favor at the end of the night will win this section of judging.

2. The judges will receive a scorecard consisting of different areas to mark the bands on (Pitch, Performance, sound, vocals, etc.)After scoring all of the performances, the judges will confer and decide on whom the top band of the night is, that band will win this section of judging.

Once the judge’s decisions have been made, they will compile the scores from all sections of judging and come up with the winner. The winner for the evening will be instructed to return for the semi-finals on Friday July 13th.

For any further information, please contact Terry Mosher @ 430-4866 or email terrymosher@eastlink.ca or Matt Clitheroe @ 209-5176 or email matt@bigleagues.ca

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