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Air Traffic Control releases ‘To Be Free’ at Tribeca, Halifax on 15 Aug

By Administrator

Acclaimed east coast band returns with best album yet including several sure-fire singles “Around,” “What Stays,” “Only Child,” and “New Years Ex”

Already nominated for Alternative Album of the Year by the East Coast Music Association and Music Nova Scotia for their 2005 self-titled debut, Air Traffic Control releases its finest effort to date: ‘To Be Free’. Simply put, ‘To Be Free’ is the album that will be heard on stereos, iPods, and seen on television screens across the nation in 2007. A little presumptuous? Not until you hear the music.

Written by brothers Jordi (drums) and Kirk (guitars, vocals) Comstock along with cousin Luke Comstock (bass) and co-produced by acclaimed producer Laurence Currie (Sloan, Wintersleep, Gandharvas), it features a string of potential hits and radio-ready singles in “Around,” “Only Child,” “New Year’s Ex,” as well as the title track. The band will release its second album at Tribeca on August 15 at 10 p.m. featuring special guest appearances from several visible and revered east coast artists. Tickets are $5 at the door. CDs will be available for $10 at the show.

To Be Free is the kind of albums great bands make - the kind that’s listenable from beginning to end. It has dynamic, organic guitars and heartfelt lyrics of life, love and loss from a lead singer that ought to be a magazine cover; a surefire percussion section from a drummer that doubles as a jazz player in his spare time; and a bassist who cites Peter Hook of Joy Division and New Order as his idol.

Already a known entity amongst industry insiders and music fans, and with a CD release tour of Eastern Canada and Ontario on the horizon, there’s no telling where To Be Free will take these secret stars from small-town Lunenburg, set to play packed audiences in cities everywhere. If you haven’t heard of Air Traffic Control yet, now’s the time to listen. Find out more information at www.controltower.ca.

The ‘To Be Free CD’ release tour dates include:

Date Venue, City
8/15 Tribeca, Halifax, NS (official release with special guests)
8/16 Baba’s, Charlottetown, PEI
8/17 The Capitol, Fredericton, NB
8/18 Elwoods, Saint John, NB
8/20 Petit Café Campus, Montreal, QC
8/22 The Rainbow Bistro, Ottawa, ON
8/23 The Phog Lounge, Windsor, ON
8/24 Laurinda’s, Bradford, ON
8/26 Norma Jean’s, London, ON w/The Joys
8/27 The Moonshine Café, Oakville, ON
8/28 The Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto, ON

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