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Johnsane second album being recorded!

By Administrator

Johnsane is currently in the process of putting together a second self-produced album.

Johnsane has written and recorded several songs since the closure of his first self produced album "Sessions In Solitude (2006)" and is presently still writing songs and recording demos in the event of making a second album which is going to be released sometime in late 2007 or early 2008.

There is no theme, concept or name thought out yet for the upcoming release but the music has in fact progressed to another level of writing and just like the first release, it appears that the next album will also be a compilation of metal and rock mixed together to create an original flavor music.

Keep an eye on Johnsane’s AMP Band Page! Johnsane intends to change things regularly: “Tracks from Sessions In Solitude may vary every now and then, and '06/'07 Unreleased Demos will be randomly added in as taste testers for the next album. Keep posted for the lastest news and material in the next couple of months”.

So watch/listen to the Johnsane Band Page!

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