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Album Cover for Carpe Noctem

Tempting Tragedy Releases Full Length Debut

By Tempting Tragedy
Photo By Dan Cadera

The album “Carpe Noctem” from Tempting Tragedy featuring 13 tracks of melodic gothic metal is now for sale at the following locations:


and at the following Moncton Stores:

Frank’s Music
Spin-it Records
The Parlour

*some songs can be heard from our band page

Eastern Canada isn’t known for its heavy metal. The Maritimes are a small territory of 3 provinces dwarfed by the bordering United States, Quebec and the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Clearly the last place anyone would go looking for a gothic metal band, but if you leave this stone unturned, you’ll miss the lair of Tempting Tragedy.

Originally a side project for aspiring musician Marty Surette, who started recording songs as many do on a home PC, the band has evolved since it’s primitive inception in 2004 into a full powerhouse 5-piece unit in 2006.

As a full unit, Tempting Tragedy have played several shows locally over the past year, and have shown a care-free attitude while directly opposing current trends in metal, proving that a clean vocal aesthetic, synthesized sounds and a non-extreme approach can be just as metal as the opposing dark realms of black and death. Fast-forward to now, TT decided it was time to showcase their abilities with the release of their debut full-length album “Carpe Noctem”. The album is a rock-solid melancholic machine of death, pain and obsession, with an excess of influences ranging from classic to modern, from Maiden to Sentenced. However, by subconsciously channeling the likes of so many metal heroes of the past and present, TT have managed to create a sound that defies categorization and direct influential pinpoint.

As a quality antiquated metal act from eastern Canada, Tempting Tragedy have set a bar for themselves and others to follow with Carpe Noctem, an album that will spread the cold autumn Maritime breeze throughout the eastern shores and beyond with its daunting soundscapes…

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