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The Establishment releases new 7” Vinyl at Gus’s Pub, Halifax, on Thurs 23 Aug

By Administrator

The Establishment will be releasing their first seven inch vinyl Thursday, August 23 at Gus’ Pub in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The vinyl – the band’s second release since their debut on No Scene Records in 2006 – is a split with Orphan Choir (Windsor, ON), and includes two new Establishment songs, “Hypernetic” and “Lifeboat & Captain” (this track available for play on the Establishment AMP Band Page).

The Establishment’s tracks were recorded by J. LaPointe (ex-North of America, currently of Instruments), and the Orphan Choir track – “Fatigue Monologue” – was recorded by Ian Blurton (ex-Bionic, currently of C’Mon).

The vinyl-release party begins at 10:00pm Thursday evening, and costs five dollars at the door.

The show’s lineup:
The Establishment
Orphan Choir
Joyless Streets
Persona (Cambridge, ON)

The vinyl is also available for pre-order on www.noscenerecords.com.

No Scene Records is an independent label in Halifax, Nova Scotia and is home to Jon McKiel, The Establishment, Joyless Streets, Sleepless Nights, Share, thomas/richard and Ryan Cook.

More Info: www.noscenerecords.com

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