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Light & Shadow album

Catcher new CD ‘Light & Shadow’ released

By Administrator

Catcher from Conception Bay South, Newfoundland, release their debut album ‘Light & Shadow’. Check out the track on Catcher’s AMP Band Page.

'Light & Shadow' is available for mail-order online at catcher.bigcartel.com, and for download on apple Itunes.

In support of the album release, Catcher play gigs in St John’s with Conspire the Wake:

Sat Sep 8 Catcher w/ Conspire The Wake, .roundelay Rock Junction's St. John's 10:00 pm $5 19
Sun Sep 9 Catcher w/ Conspire The Wake, Melaena Rock Distortion St. John's 3:00 pm $5 all

catcher is the illegitimate love child of trevor bennett's many and varied musical interests and influences.

a singer and composer from a young age, trevor has balanced with his love for industrial and hard rock a heavy involvement in classical music, choral and a capella singing, musical theater, operatic performance, and dabblings in jazz, electronica, and metal.
early studies in piano and trumpet led to the guitars, bass, and eventual forays into programming and sequencing which make up the bulk of catcher's palette. the better part of 2005 and early 2006 was spent locked away writing, arranging, and augmenting an album's worth of material in his home studio.

coming out of hibernation in the spring, trevor began to address the tasks of recording the material in earnest and collecting the musicians requisite to actually perform it. one by one, the band came together, old and new friends who'd heard the demos and wanted to be a part of the project. an intuitive and imaginative guitarist; an industrial strength rhythm section - a promising ensemble, to say the least.

what began as trevor's solo endeavour has evolved into two separate musical entities - first, the studio construct, still primarily the domain of the vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, where his vocal layering and melodic and textural forays are played out to the fullest. the flip side of the project is the live band, a collective which is only made richer and more immediate by the emotional and musical contributions of all members - each a profound and talented player in his own right. together, there is a commitment to the material and an attention to detail that make for a dynamic, engaging, and memorable performance.

More Info: www.catcher.ca

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