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i see rowboats release new EP ‘hide and seek behind the throne’

By Administrator

Orchestral rock act i see rowboats toured throughout the East Coast this November in support of their recently released EP ‘hide and seek behind the throne’.

i see rowboats formed in 2006 when long time friends William Robinson and Luke Fisher collaborated on a series of songs. The duo then turned to percussionist Darcy Fraser and multi-instrumentalists Lisa Lipton and Solomon Vromans to complete the epic sound the early tracks invited.

Together the quintet has established itself as one of the most exciting new bands in Atlantic Canadian. Their debut EP, hide and seek behind the throne, combines sprawling and dynamic compositions with the band’s pension for organically traditional arrangements. Quick to distinguish itself, the album has charted consistently across Canada on campus radio since its release.

For more information on i see rowboats, visit: www.iseerowboats.com

MP3 of “In Cars” from hide and seek behind the throne: www.pigeonrow.com/InCars.mp3

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