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Getting ready to rock

Sister Satellite release there first cd

By Sister Satellite
Photo By Carol Kyle

So you say you want some kick ass rock-n-roll? Well look no further, Sister Satellite will be happy to open up a fifty-five gallon drum of sparkling whoop ass and pass it around at their next show.
An original rock band with a music style of a little bit of everything good new and old .This is music for both sides of your brain with an in your face attitude. Power-scream vocals with catchy guitar riffs.
5 Rock n rollers who sold there soul for rock n roll .This isnt just a band . This is a vibe of brotherhood.

From Canada , PEI

Influences :Alices in chains, Zeppelin, SoundGarden , ACDC , Motley Crue , Foo Fighters , Jack Daniels, Alpine ,Captain Morgan ,Distortion ,Girls ,Bleu Nuit, Rock n Roll, Showcase Fridays Without Borders .

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