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Jesse Dangerously new Video on the AMP

By Administrator

Jesse has uploaded a great video, so check it out! Just launch the AMP Media Player, select Dance…Jesse…Video…and then Play..!

Both an archivist of and participant in the city's hip hop scene, Dangerously has been a cheerleader at the gigs of others, a sight to behold at gigs of his own, and keeps the city in raps every Tuesday night as host of CKDU's The Pavement.

He has twice being voted Best MC in The Coast Magazine's annual Best Of Music poll (2006 and 2007). He won Urban Artist of The Year from the Music Industry Association of Nova Scotia and was nominated for the same award again in 2006, as well as Male Performer of The Year. In 2007, his song Outfox'd was nominated for an East Coast Music Award in the Rap/Urban Single Recording category.

"I'm honestly a phenomenally gifted MC/producer/percussionist with a keen grasp of odd time signatures and moderate skill in expressing emotions and/or concepts," says Dangerously, having wisely chosen a genre that loves a braggart. A prolific performer and producer, he has three solo releases to his name, as well as a handful of collaborations and a slew of production credits.

A devoted fan of 1988 to 1994 era hip hop, Dangerously's influences include the lilting hyperspeed of Chip Fu; the pop culture whirlwind of Das Efx; the indignance and unabashed political overtones of Public Enemy; the intricate rhyme schemes of Lord Finesse; and the cocky arrogance of teenaged LL Cool J or Fresh Prince.

When these favourites are processed through Dangerously's own filters, the end result is an almost impossible mix of contrasts. Brainy and bratty. Fast talking and sing-songing. Self-aggrandizing and self-deprecating.

In addition to his frequent Halifax performances, he has also toured Eastern Canada, performing at Wavelengths, North by Northeast and Canadian Music Week in Toronto and festivals including Under Pressure, the Fringe and Infringement in Montreal. He launched his latest CD last fall while opening for K'Naan during the Halifax Pop Explosion. In 2006 he showcased at the East Coast Music Awards in PEI, Canadian Music Week in Toronto, and Halifax's upstart North By Northend festival.

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