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Why SIGN UP as a FAN on the AMP?

By Administrator

FREE fan membership of the AMP gives access to:
• Create Your Own Song Playlist
• Create Own Profile Page and email to Friends
• Vote on the Amp Charts
• Write News & Reviews for others to read
• Chat on the Message Boards… and more

• Create Your Own Song Playlist: your own pick of songs from any of the AMP Artists / Bands. You can regularly change the selection on Your Own Playlist to sample songs from different and new Artists that you discover on the AMP. Play your list whenever you use your PC. If you like a band you can click on the “Sign Up to the Artist List? on the Band Page to tell them you are a fan. Of course, if you like the Artist / Band, we hope that you will support them by going to their gigs, when they are in town, and also buy their music! After all, talented new musicians only get started through the support of their local Fans…

• Create your very Own Profile Page, featuring Your Own Song Playlist and other important info. When you are happy with your Fan Profile, why not email your friends through the “Tell A Friend? button – they will receive a link to your own Fan Profile and they can listen to your pick...

• Vote on the AMP Chart: Vote for your favourite Artist or Band – Old or New! AMP members get an idea of what the total AMP membership thinks is good and worth listening too – so don’t forget to vote every week before Thursday midnight – one vote per member per week…

• Submit New & Features to your favourite Genre Page. If you are a budding journalist, or just have a strong desire to share some news more widely then the Message Board, you can submit news, articles or reviews to the Genre Page, whether it is a gig you attended or album you listened to. Remember a digital photo to accompany the article is always welcome!

• Use the Message Board: organised by Music Genre (Rock, Hip Hop etc), and each AMP Artist/Band has their own Forum. So you can interact with other Fans or the Artist themselves, and give your feedback on gigs, albums etc, or maybe you just want them to come to your town?

Why its’ important for Artists & Bands you Sign Up?
Fan membership provides valuable information such as what town and province Fans are located – although personal identification information is never disclosed. So in time, artists can see where their Fans are located, helping them to plan gigs and tours etc.

Why does the AMP want you complete a Fan Sign-Up?
The mission of the AMP is to showcase new music to new music fans in Atlantic Canada. Fan sign-up details provide us with information on where existing Fan members are located– we can then focus our Promotions Team on getting the AMP word out to those places with few AMP members…

Any questions? Email the AMP at

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