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Shortsleeve release their new CD ‘Have you ever been here?’

By Administrator

It contains fast, catchy (often short) punk rock songs. Songs about everyday life having grown up in Atlantic Canada. Songs about what it's like to screw-up, to be drunk, lazy and broke. Songs about casual to heavy drug use, violence and coarse language. Heartbreakers. Cigarettes. Mental instability. Telephones. Food. Weirdos. Cartoons. Banjos. Prescription drugs. – It's all in there.

Check out some songs from the new CD on their AMP Band Page!

Shortsleeve’s upcoming Shows:

21 Sep 2007 23:00 Paramount Moncton, New Brunswick
29 Sep 2007 23:00 Vixens Fredericton, New Brunswick
13 Oct 2007 22:00 Speakeasy Halifax, Nova Scotia

About themselves, in their own words: “Shortsleeve formed from a merging of members of two bands that broke up led to this. It was nobody’s fault but their own… They barely knew each other at first. Turns out they liked each others previous bands. Also turns out they wanted to keep making music. Hell, they liked a lot of the same bands. They could even tolerate each other. So they found a jam spot.

So they get to practicing. They start writing what they think are pretty good songs. They see a lot of bands playing around town. They start playing around town too. Their friends come to their shows. Strangers eventually start showing up too. They get more and more high fives.

They record and release a 5 song EP barely anybody gets to hear. They keep playing shows for another year all around Atlantic Canada. They open for punk rock legends like DOA and SNFU. They play shows with a lot of their favorite local bands. They make a lot of friends along the way. They take great pride in their, loud, energetic, engaging and sometimes painful live show.

That leads them to here.”

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