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Highland Legacy DVD Release

By Tamzzs

Highland Legacy: The Music of Cape Breton (DVD)
The vibrant folk traditions Of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia—especially the ancient fiddling style—are known and respected the world over..... But where did this music come from, who have been the standard bearers, why has this wonderful art form been preserved on this tiny island? Gleaned from public and private archives, the DVD series “Highland Legacy—The Music of Cape Breton” provides rare insight into a fascinating tradition that has been sustained for nearly 200 years.

We drop in on a violin and stepdance session with the Beaton family of Mabou, and then experience the taste of a lively square-dance just down the road. Fiddling legends Alex Francis MacKay, Rev. Angus Morris, Kinnon Beaton and other esteemed players demonstrate their virtuosity. Analysis of style is provided by the likes of Doug MacPhee and John Donald Cameron, among the Island’s most respected authorities on the music. We listen in on the intriguing insights of venerable storytellers such as Archie Neil Chisholm and Joe Neil MacNeil (each appearing in rare footage filmed just before their passing), and we enjoy the historical perspective of noted historian, Dr. Robert Morgan.

Vignettes of important cultural institutions such as The Nova Scotia Highland Village, The Gaelic College of Celtic Arts and Crafts, The Beaton Institute Archive at Cape Breton University, The Celtic Interpretive Music Centre in Judique and the internationally-acclaimed Celtic Colours International Festival offer an interesting overview of the current growth and development of Cape Breton’s Highland culture.

For more info go to the website http://www.landwashdistribution.com/

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