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ZWERG’s CD “Into the 4th Dimension” Now Available and CD Release Show 13 Sept

By Administrator

ZWERG is thrilled to announce that the new album "iNTo tHe 4tH DiMeNSiOn" is finally finished, and now available at: CD Baby

The CD Release show is set for:
13 Sep 2007 20:00 @ The Paramount Moncton, New Brunswick

ZWERG is a lyrical journey into the spirit realm, and a musically genre-transcending, psychedelic hybrid of melodic electronica, ethereal dream pop, emotive alt-rock, whimsical acid jazz, and contemporized folk. The word "Zwerg" is German and translates as "dwarf." Eldon Thiele chose this name because an amount of ancestral Germanic blood circulates through those Atlantic Canadian veins of his, and because numerous legends depict dwarves as tenacious warriors of superior pluck! However, dwarves are all too often dismissed as feeble misfits... Therefore, ZWERG has totally committed itself to defending the misunderstood, the underdog. For there will come a day when the last will be first, when the rejected will be restored unto their Creator.

ZWERG is a unique incarnation in that it is stylistically unrestricted, visually exciting, fashionably avant-garde, and spiritually refreshing. Although ZWERG's lyrical subject matter is sometimes based on Christian principles, it is not conservatively religious and traditional. Unlike most inspirational bands, ZWERG aims to let young people know that there is certainly nothing dull about angels, spiritual warfare, and miracles, among many other Biblical matters and underpinnings. ZWERG strives to lead people through a musical door, to a place where they can experience a slice of the surrealism and beauty of the Sublime while still subsisting in the often mundane and depressing reality of the natural realm. The primary goal of ZWERG is to provide people, particularly young people, with inspiring music that encourages thought about spirituality and the meaning of life, without being lyrically "preachy" or musically uninteresting. Zwerg has assembled a live band featuring such Finnish-Canadians as: Markus Rukkila (rhythm guitar), Sari Sillanpää (Vocal Manipulation), and Jenny Jussila (beatbox). Lead guitarist Kristin Nicholls, of the Hamilton band Fear Of God, has also been recruited.

This CD entitled “Into The 4th Dimension” is Zwerg’s fourth and includes tracks:

Sanctified In Hellcrest Killage
On This Here Fundy Flat
To Stand, Kneel
Lucky To Be An Alien
...And 3 Are 1
Quietly (by father John Willis Betts)
Test The Spirits
Bluffs Of The By And By
Poppy Corpses
He Lost A Loved One Too
Happonen (with Sam Arra)

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