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Tom Fun play NSMW

Showcase acts at Nova Scotia Music Week, Nov 9-11, Liverpool

By Administrator

Great line-up of bands & artists showcasing at the NSMW! Mike Trask & MudHill, The Contact, Carmen Townsend & the Shaky Deals, Alert the Medic, The Sleepless Nights, The Superfantastics, Air Traffic Control, Tom Fun Orchestra, Tanya Davis, Chrissy Crowley, Kev Corbitt, Stephanie Hardy, Ruth Minnikin, Lindsay Barr, Harlo, Ryan Cook, Catahoula Brown, Kate Quinn & Sidelines, Sheva, Flat Fifth, Spesh K, Chad Hatcher, Faded Blue, Ian Sherwood, Rebekah Higgs, Steven Bowers, Brett Ryan.

More acts will be announced in the weeks leading up to NSMW 2007.

See you all in Liverpool Nov 9, 10, 11.

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