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Dolores Dagenais Releases 4th Album as Free Digital Download!

By Administrator

The self-described 'would-be hermit' happily celebrates that fact with her fourth album “Cat Glasses” by doing something completely different and decidedly “non-industry”. Dagenais is not releasing the standard 10 or 14 song disc, but instead, an epic 26 song monster album completely FREE as a series of mp3 digital downloads on www.doloresdagenais.com. Each song is accompanied by its own liner note page, digital album artwork and full lyrics. It also includes a downloadable file in simple, right click format.

Support this great artist by seeing her live at Sessions Café in Rothesay, NewBrunswick October 26th!

In an age of increasing media and internet coverage featuring new bands and new celebrities that seem to pop into existence every minute, spinning their candy floss, vacuous, heavily-sampled pseudo music, where does a thirty something folk/pop troubadour fit in? “Thankfully nowhere” says Dolores Dagenais.

“I was tired of waiting to find the right studios, the right distribution channel, the right players and the right management team, and ultimately tired of trying to find the money to ‘do it the right (read ‘industry standard’) way," Dagenais says. "I knew if I didn’t put it out soon I wouldn’t put it out at all. I had to find a way to get the music out and heard and I had to think outside of the box."

Ironically, boxes played a part in her decision to release "Cat Glasses" exclusively as an mp3 album. None of those cute plastic cases are easily recycled and neither are the plastics involved in CD manufacture. With no plastic used and no gas consumed in shipping raw goods or finished products, this latest offering makes an even smaller ecological footprint than Dagenais' last album “Songs for the Moon,” which was originally packaged in recycled paper.

Then there’s the issue of illegal downloading and the growing impact of it on the music business. “I think it’s not just up to the corporate bigwigs to address those problems. Artists need to start thinking in new directions. The CD is fast becoming a dinosaur, like vinyl and the 8-track. Personally I’d like to stay ahead of that curve.”

Check out Dolores AMP Artist Page and www.doloresdagenais.com!

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