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Ceti Alpha

By Ceti Alpha

Ceti Alpha stand with backs pressed against the wall, where dull thuds of bass from the empty dancehall anticipate the first notes of a heartbreaking melody drifting out onto "The Street".

"The Street" (2006) is their first album, self- recorded in the basement of singer's Nick Bevan-John's childhood house, and his loft Dartmouth Apartment, an old Captain's house that overlooks the green, sometimes blue, Halifax Harbour, and the buildings across the way that fool you into believing there might be a city here. "You do not feel the peace drinking in big cities, or making music. I like empty streets where you can be left alone with the stars in your eyes, and then try and remember, and drink, and play music with your companions, say things that you are not allowed to say in the play of the dlike ay and night, at least not with a blue collar on your throat anyway, or any collar for that matter...well maybe a priest's"

While reticent about musical influences, their sound betrays the influence of British garage bands of the 1960s, electro pop from the following decade, and New York post-punk, tempered by a sense of hope and nostalgia for the wilderness of their Nova Scotia Canada home, and "the lamp-lit shadows of our hometown�. Unable, and unwilling to give up his day job, where he "lifts things for money", lead singer Nick Bevan-John constantly awaits time off where he can drink, play, write, and record music with Ceti Alpha's Mike Conrad-Keys, Rhys Bevan-John-Bass and Andrew Wright-drums.

"These are the songs you might hear in your head outside sticky-floored bars, as you brace against the chill and look for a taxi home."
-Johnny Shaw "local drinker"

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